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At Beyond Two Rings, we believe jewelry says something special about you. That’s why we create and sell jewelry that is meaningful, personal and authentic. Here, you are at the center of the design and decision-making process so that you can create one-of-a-kind jewelry that tells your individual story, and lasts a lifetime.

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Engagement and wedding ring policies

  • Free cleaning and inspection for life
  • Free sizing within the first month
  • Free rhodium plating once a year for life
  • Free replacement of stones that fall out at fault of the ring or jewelry so long as jewelry is under warranty
  • Free trade in for life on Stuller Natural Diamonds for full purchase price towards the purchase of another diamond. Lab grown diamonds can be traded in for market value at time of trade in towards purchase of another lab grown diamond.

Cleaning and polishing:

Come in anytime for your ring to be professionally cleaned. This only takes a few minutes and is completely free.


When you bring your ring in for cleaning, one of our team members will inspect your ring for any possible problems and advise you about needed repairs. There is no charge for inspection.

After one year of purchasing your ring you will need to come in for inspection at least once every 6 months to keep your life time warranty up to date.


Sizing often causes stones to become loose. After sizing your ring, we will tighten stones and guarantee stone loss under 1/2 carat in size for one year from date of pickup. 

Purchased Ring:

We give you 30 days to feel out any purchased ring to see if you’re happy with the size. Sometimes it can take time to figure out if you like how your ring fits once you start wearing it regularly. We will size the ring for free within one size in the first 30 days**

*This applies to precious metal (gold, platinum, palladium) engagement rings. Men’s bands and other metals may not qualify for free resizing.

*Sizing is free within one size. If it’s more than one size up price can vary.

Rhodium Plating:

White gold undergoes a chemical process called rhodium plating that gives white gold a shiny platinum color. Over time, this plating will dull and needs to be redone. But don’t worry, if the ring you choose is made in white gold we will help you keep it looking beautiful with one free rhodium plating a year, for life.

Replacement of Small Stones:

If any of the small supporting diamonds fall out of your ring in the first year, we’ll replace them completely free of charge. Gold is malleable and changes shape over time to fit your finger. This can change how the small prongs on rings hold the diamonds. Because of this, it’s common to have a few stones fall out in the first year. If that happens don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If the diamonds on your ring are channel set, they are much less likely to fall out, but if they do, we will replace them for free as well. After the first year we ask you to get the ring inspected every 6 months by one of our team members to continue to warranty the stones on your ring.*

*After some time, typically 5-10 years, there will be some repairs needed that are due to wear and tear such as prong tipping, rebuilding, or other minor things. These repairs are not covered under the warranty, but are usually small and inexpensive.

Center stones larger than 1/2 carat are not covered under warranty. We highly recommend getting an appraisal and insuring your ring and center stone through an outside company in case of loss or theft. Ask one of our team members about our 3rd party warranties and insurance coverage.

*We do not warranty a diamond that has been set in a ring purchased from another jeweler.


We offer trade-ins of your Stuller natural or lab grown diamond purchase for life. Natural diamonds qualify for full purchase price value, lab grown diamonds qualify for market value at time of trade-in. If you want to upgrade your diamond you will be able to use your full purchase price towards a diamond so long as it is more than the original purchase price. This means you can get a higher quality or larger in-kind diamond in the future.*

*Diamond must be in the same original condition as when purchased. Natural diamonds may only be traded for natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds may only be traded for lab grown diamonds.

What’s Not Covered:

  • Damage to center stone or ring

  • Wear and tear of the ring or gemstones

  • Retipping of prongs or additional maintenance due to normal wear

  • Any jewelry not purchased through Beyond Two Rings

  • Defect outside warranty inspection period

  • Work done by other jewelry stores or jewelers


Damage to ring other than wear and tear. Jewelry that is worn on a daily basis may be damaged for a variety of reasons. Make sure to take care of your ring as re-tipping and service may become necessary as the ring ages.

Wear and Tear:

Because gold is soft it will slowly wear away at areas of the ring that experience a lot of friction and contact. It’s not a defect of the ring, simply something that happens over time. Common wear and tear are small prongs on pave settings and the bottom of rings. The cost for this isn’t covered under warranty but our team members will be able to advise you on maintenance when you come in for regular cleanings and inspections.

Stones other than diamond are not covered under warranty. This is primarily due to their softness and inherent fragility relative to diamonds. We can’t set them as tightly and they are much more likely to scratch as you wear them. The good news is these stones are typically far less expensive to replace than diamonds.

Although diamonds can’t be scratched except by other diamonds, all stones can chip if hit hard enough or in a particular spot. Chipping a diamond is not covered under warranty as it is damage caused to the stone. But if you do chip your diamond or other center stone, we will do our best to help you have it re-cut and salvaged.

Outside the warranty period:

To keep the warranty active we ask that you get the ring inspected every 6 months by one of our team members. If you miss an inspection and something happens that would typically be covered under the warranty you will have to pay the repair fees at that time. This does not void your warranty. After the single service, your warranty will be reinstated for a further 6 months until the next inspection.

The goal of the inspection is to prevent issues with the ring rather than wait for something to go wrong and then repair it.

Stones from elsewhere:

The warranty doesn’t cover stones purchased or obtained from someplace other than Wilson Diamonds. If you purchase a ring from us but have your own stone, we will warranty the ring only.

Guarantee in General

We guarantee everything we make, repair, or sell for 1 year from the date of delivery unless otherwise stated under items not guaranteed or in writing. This means we guarantee such things as stones from falling out or become loose and the parts that we made or repaired will not break in the areas in which we worked.

Watch repairs are guaranteed for 12 months on our work. We are unable to to warranty watch work if the watch is unable to seal out water and dust, which is usually a problem for watches.

Items Not Guaranteed

  1. Glued items.
  2. Enameling.
  3. Lead solders.
  4. Gold or Rhodium Plating.
  5. Loss of any round stone over 1/2 carat.
  6. We do not assume responsibility of the loss of a single diamond and expensive colored gemstones above 1/2 carat. We strongly encourage you to have your stone appraised and insured by a 3rd party or a jewelry rider with homeowners insurance. Ask our team members for more information of 3rd party insurance or coverage.
  7. Prong set stones that have thin prongs, missing prongs, or stones that are set by another jeweler.
  8. Any jewelry purchased from our store that has been repaired or sized by another jeweler.  

Refund and Exchange Policy

Showcase Items:

We will refund or exchange any item that was sold by us as a stock item from our showcase withing 30 days of delivery, as long as it was not altered from it’s original showcase condition including ring sizing, chain shortening, etc. Sale items or closeout items cannot be exchanged ore returned.

Special Order Items:

A Special Order item can not be refunded unless vendor allows restocking withing 30 days and may incur a restocking fee.

Custom Work


Deposit on Cad/Cam Designs is non refundable if design was already started:

We require an up front design fee for any design we create. This fee is for the time we spend on designing your jewelry and transferring your idea to a realistic rendering on a computer screen. This fee is 100% creditable towards the manufacturing of your jewelry.

If you decide not to have us manufacture the item then the fee is forfeited and is not usable as any credit in the store. The deposit is only usable for 6 months from the date of initial payment. After 6 months the deposit is forfeited.

Layaway Policy

Layaway is a great option if you would like to make short term payments on any purchase through us. Items placed on layaway will be held for a period of 90 days from the date of initial purchase. If agreed on arrangements have been made for full payment beyond the end of this period, the item or items will be returned to stock, ad all payments will be forfeited. At our discretion layaways may be cancelled in the event of special circumstances. In such cases a restocking fee will be charged with the remaining balance to be issued as a store credit only.

Watch Repair Guarantee

All watch overhauls are guaranteed for 12 months. There is no guarantee for moisture, bands, crystals, or minor repairs. Batteries replace have a 1 year warranty but does not guarantee function of watch or water resistance if the watch is not functioning properly.

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