Jewelry Care Tips

For many of us our jewelry might be the most valuable items we own and most of the time the value is sentimental, not monetary. Either way, it's important to know how to care for our items so we can preserve their integrity. Here are few tips you should know on how to care for your jewelry.

1. Try not to sleep with rings on

Prongs can catch on blankets and bend. This is especially true with older rings.

2. Do not clean jewelry with toothpaste

Gemstones and metals have a certain hardness rating that explains a gemstones (or the metal type) ability to withstand scratches. Since toothpaste has a hardness around 3-4 Mohs, and 14k gold has a hardness of 3-3.5 Mohs, toothpaste can actually scratch and damage your gold rings. Most stones are safe but toothpaste can actually harden under your stones like it does between bristles and that can damage your stones over time. Instead, use soap and water with a toothbrush to help clean your jewelry at home or of course go to your jeweler and have them professionally cleaned.

3. Check for loose stones

Poke your gemstones with a pencil or something that won't damage them. If you notice them wiggle around make sure to have them checked by a professional because you might need to have your prong repaired.

4. Stay away from chlorine

Chlorine in cleaning chemicals and swimming pools can cause significant damage to your jewelry. Chlorine can break down the alloys in gold and cause pitting to occur causing your jewelry to become brittle and eventually break apart. It can also cause certain metals like silver to change color and lose it's shine.

5. Prongs weaken over time

Getting caught on clothes, dropped, and simply being worn every day can take a toll on prongs. So, make sure you take them to your jeweler regularly and have them checked. Most jewelers offer free cleaning and prong inspection anyways so you might as well take advantage.

6. Gold is soft

Because gold is so soft it will bend. Over time you might notice that your ring is not as round as it once was. If you notice this, make sure to take it to your jeweler so they can round your ring and check the prongs.

7. Sizing can increase the chance of losing gemstones

When a ring is sized the angle of the prongs changes too. Make sure to ask your jeweler to check all your prongs when you get your ring sized. This should usually be included by your jeweler, but make sure to ask anyways.