We are a one stop jewelry shop

We understand it can be tough finding a trustworthy jewelry store. At Beyond Two Rings, we restore, maintain, and create quality jewelry onsite, so you can repair and wear your jewelry with peace of mind.

Creative Jewelry makes the custom jewelry process very easy by focusing on three main stages:



Here we get your creative idea and make it tangible. One of our team members will work on creating a sketch for you either from scratch, or from an existing photo or model. 



After the sketch is finished we will work transforming your idea from a sketch to a realistic rendering. With computer design and the latest Cad Cam technology you can see how the model will look before fabricating the ring. 



Once you approve the process and all details are addressed we then move forward with fabrication. This includes the casting, polishing, stone setting.  


Concept to Creation Video

Thank you so much to @creativejewelrystore for you time and effort to help make an already beautiful ring even better!!
— Karen
I have a special ring that my mom passed down to me years ago...I had never known where to trust someone to fix it, it’s very precious to me! Thanks to Creative Jewelry my ring is fixed, the correct shape and more beautiful than ever!
— Sarah P.